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Extended Warranty

Have you misplaced the bumper bar of your pram? Have a second child on the way and want to refresh the wheels? Need a new brake system? The basket underneath is worn out? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Although not available for purchase on our website directly, feel to contact support here. Make sure to mention the exact model of the pram & which part you require, so our team can help provide the most suitable parts.

We appreciate how the naming convention of our prams has caused some confusion in the market. We put our hand up and have since taken the appropriate steps to get back on track.

Currently, we have two signature ranges. The Snap range, which is where it all started, as well as the Trend range, our more upmarket line of prams. Within those ranges, any model with the name “Ultra” refers to a pram with a reversible seat, that can face in either direction.

Here’s a break down of the logic and changes that ensued:

  • Snap Ultra – Midnight Black –> Changed to the Snap Ultra P” – the P stands for pivot, as this model has a pivot seat with 3 recline positions.
  • Snap Ultra Tailormade –> Changed to Snap Ultra” – the Tailormade name represented a difference in fabric and was launched when only the Snap Ultra P was available. Additionally, the tailormade introduced the infinite belt recline, providing much more flexibility in our seats. The Snap Ultra currently comes in a range of colours, with a slight premium on the Denim, Grey Marle & Charcoal, as they have the tailormade fabric. Everything else about these models is identical.
  • Snap Duo Tailormade –> Changed to “Snap Duo” – this model is currently available in the Black Beauty and any difference in price between colours is due to a difference in fabric.
  • Snap Ultra Duo Tailormade –> Changed to “Snap Ultra Duo” – With the same rule of thumb as our other models with the name tailormade, the Snap Ultra Duo in Charcoal & Grey Marle, aside from having a difference in fabric, comes with bonus boot covers and is slightly more expensive than the Coal Black colour.

As the popularity of the Snap range increased, the opportunity to enter markets outside of Australia arose. Although our Snap range complied with Australian and European standards, it didn’t to the US and so, the Trend range was born. It was here where our naming got confused. As the Snap series wasn’t available in the US market, the name Snap regrettably ended up adjoining all of our trend products, causing major confusion.

  • Snap 4 Trend –> Changed to Trend 4” 
  • Snap Ultra Trend –> Changed toTrend Ultra
  • Snap Duo Trend –> Changed to “Trend Duo

For a side by side comparison, we recommend checking out our compare page.

A valcobaby pram with the name “ultra” means the seat is reversible and can face either way. The main difference between the Snap and Trend Ultra is in the fold.

The Trend Ultra, like the entire trend range, has a 1-hand fold, whereas the Snap Ultra is a 2-step fold.

Other differences include an adjustable handle, a more luxurious fabric and leatherette handle grips on the trend.

The Q Bassinet is designed for supervised sleep only. 

The frame of the Snap Ultra Duo is different to the Snap Duo, that’s why they don’t fit.

You can fit two Britax capsules (with adaptors) on your Snap Duo. However, placing them side by side will make the width of the pram wider than the frame.

To avoid this, one capsule needs to be higher than the other. To do this, you’ll need our valcobaby Britax Adaptor for Snap Duo (A8985) + Universal Car Capsule Adaptor for Snap Duo (A9994). These can be found in the “Car Capsule Adaptors” section of our website. 

Our valcobaby Mirror Mesh insert in the hood of our strollers is up to 60% UV reflective and the hood blocks more than 99% of UV-A and UV-B.

We always recommend you be sun smart by adding a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses when out in the harsh Aussie sun.



Our Snug Footmuff is very popular, especially this time of year as it is cosy and can also be converted in a very easy step, to be liner as well. This would be suited for both your 2 month and 2 year old.

We also have a rain cover that fits a Trend Duo nicely, as it’s an easy installation/removal.

On our Snap Duo, the seats are forward-facing. Our duo model with that reversible seat option is the Snap Ultra Duo.

Regarding the capsule, all our prams have the ability to add a capsule. On the Snap Duo, the adaptor is placed in the casing of the bumper bar, so there is no need to remove the fabric/seat.

We recommend checking out our website. Each product has detailed photo and GIFs in the about me section. On the capsule adaptors page, you’ll be able to easily view how a capsule looks on each of our prams.

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